Rain, rain, rain… and more rain and more rain… It just keeps on raining since the last two weeks. It can make you grumpy and want to stay inside, when is the summer coming?! When does the rain stop, so that we can go outside?!

We can complain a lot about the weather and we can wish a lot that the summer will come soon. But I think that the people that wish this the most are the gypsies. When we came to visit them we saw the damage the rain brings to these people, the streets became muddy rivers, roofs of houses are collapsed, the kids get dirty and wet outside, but inside they also don’t dry as the house is leaking water.

And then you realize that we have it so good, when we get soaked in the rain, we step into our apartment, change our clothes, take a shower, drink a warm cup of tea and we are comfortable again. It’s impossible to imagine how the people live every day. But that is the reason why we keep coming to their houses, to see how they are doing, we keep inviting the kids for the programs.
Last week we had a very nice program, with kids from a ‘new’ neighborhood, we never worked with these kids before. Because of the rain, we did the program inside the church instead of their neighborhood, and we have a very good time with them.

We are now coming to the end of our school year, just two more months until we will graduate. We are now busy with preparations for the kid’s camp which will be in the first week of July.
With the end of the school year coming closer, we start to think about our future after the school. We are praying right now for direction, where to go to and what to do. We are trusting on the plan of God for our lives and therefore we are praying to God to reveal to us His plans for our future.

In according to this search, we will visit a ministry work in Constanţa (a place in Romania close to the black sea), in the second weekend of June. We have also visited our friend Vincent in Holland during the Easter holiday. He has a ministry in Capelle aan den Ijssel. Alejandro preached here three days and we went with our friend to see the different kind of works he does there. It was a very powerful time; we had words of knowledge for the people, which was a confirmation for the people that God is there for them. It gave the people new hope and it brought also a lot of joy in the lives of the people. We are thankful for what God did in this time in Capelle aan den Ijssel.

In November we are planning to go on a mission trip to Costa Rica, together with Vincent and his wife. We will to work together with the church of the cousins of Alejandro, to organize a three days conference. We will also go on the streets to evangelize to the people and we also want to do home groups.
We will only go for one week (including the flights) and the focus of this trip is really for the ministry.

Do you want to pray with us for:

  • The heavy rain to stop and good weather to come, this makes the living circumstance for the gypsies better.
  • For strength and energy for us, to finish the last months at school and in the work we do.
  • For Gods guidance for our future, that God will reveal His plans for us. That we, together with God, can make  good and stable plans for our future after the bible school.
  • For provision for our trip to Costa Rica and that it will be a powerful time, where people will get to know Jesus.


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