We hope you are doing great!

We have had an awesome time in Romania, enjoying the summer together with the kids.

In Casa Ana we had so much fun with the kids, playing with water balloons and other different kind of water games. Sometimes we become kids just as they are and enjoy getting into a water fight.

The summer is also a great season for the gypsies, this because many of them go to work in order to earn money and be able to buy food for their families and wood for the next winter. Winter here can become as low as -20°.

At the same time the neighborhoods become alive and colorful in the summer, when the people are walking in the street and washing their carpets laying then on the road, it is really a nice experience to see how these women and children do their best to make their houses looks a little better as their husbands go to work in Germany, Holland, England etc.

We also had the kids camp wit more than 80 kids!! For 5 days we were sleeping with the kids in the same room, for 5 days the kids could have the same equal living conditions as us. The kids could play, learn about God, worship, receive prayer, praise God and receive food at he camp. For many of them this is the best part of their year, this because we take them out of their daily circumstances to give them a special week.

Many of them share that they felt Jesus and that they dreamed with Him, it is beautiful the way Jesus shows himself to them.

We also want to announce you that we have finished our Bible School! We are graduated! After 2 years of learning, growing and developing ourselves we are now finished. We are really thankful for these years where God has shown us His faithfulness.

The coming period will be a time of orientation for us. Now that we have finished our bible school we want to oriented us on the next steps in our life. This will be a time of prayer, listening to Gods voice and looking around for different organizations to see which steps we can take next. We will continue living in Romania as missionaries, because we know that Gods calling for our lives is to be a missionary. We will also continue to live in our apartment in Reghin and we are very excited for what is going to come next.

We really want to ask you to pray for us, that God is going to speak clearly to us about our future. For us it is very important that we do His will, much more than the desires that we have.

May God bless you, if you want to get in contact with us, please send us a message we will be glad to get to know you. For all of those who have holiday: we wish you a very good and blessed time of relaxation and rest!


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