God’s plans are perfect

Hi all!

It has been a while since our last update, but a lot has been going on. We finished our time in the bible school which followed by a nice vacation time and after that we had to start with something new. We knew God had called us to stay in Romania for now, but we didn’t know where exactly. So we decided to visit some people that we know, to see their ministries. During one of these visits we heard about Youth with a Mision, who opened a base again in Targu Mures, a city not far from where we live. After we called them and nobody picked up the phone we decided to just stop by and see if there would be anyone we could speak to at the base. We rang the doorbell and their came a head out of the window, wondering who we were and what we were doing there. But we were very warmly welcomed inside and we had a good talk with some staff members of YWAM. The weeks after that we had several informal and spontaneous meetings with them, we even spent the night at the YWAM base and we felt very welcome in their team.

We started talking together about working with YWAM and we both felt so much peace about it. Sometimes we are waiting for a clear voice of God who will tell us what to do next, or we expect a detailed dream where God will show us the exact location of where to go on a map. But God can work in so many different ways and we are absolutely certain this is the way we have to go with Him right now.

YWAM Targu Mures is at this moment still in a pioneering phase. They are planning to start with a youth ministry, now that the summer holiday is over, this will slowly become a reality. Besides that they are connected and helping out a lot of organizations in and around Targu Mures. We will join the staff of YWAM by helping out with the youth ministry and also with the ministries where they serve. Besides that there is a lot of freedom for us to have our own vision, dreams and goals and we have also the space to accomplish this. One of this things for example is that we still are picking up the four kids from Petelea as we did last year and we want to continue doing this.

At this moment Alejandro is visiting his family in Costa Rica. His grandfather is in a very critical health condition and Alejandro wanted to be with his family to support and help them and to be able to see his grandfather one last time.
Rozanne is staying at this moment at the YWAM base in Targu Mures where she is helping out with different types of child-ministry including:
– Visiting a hospital with abandoned babies; feeding them and playing with them and just giving them a lot of love.
– Taking care of a small group of kids, while their moms are having a bible study.
– In the weekend there will be a drama play at the church and Rozanne will help by taking care of the kids during the drama.
– Visiting a a gypsy community to make more relationships with them, so we can do activities in their village in the future.

We ask your prayers for Alejandro and his family, especially for his grandfather. Also we wanna ask you to pray for this coming period, as it is a period of change, making new plans but above all trusting the Lord.
We are now also traveling a lot between Reghin and Targu Mures, we are looking for options to move to Targu Mures in the future, so we want to ask you to pray for wisdom for that. This whole new work also costs us more financially, as we spend more money on our gas and also moving to the city will be more expensive. So we want to ask you to pray as well for our finances.

At last, both our parents will come to visit us in the month October, we are very excited about this and are looking forward to see them!
Unfortunately we don’t have pictures of the work we do yet. As we don’t know the people we meet yet, it is very impolite to just make pictures from them, so we try to respect this. Also pictures in the hospital are forbidden. We are sorry, hopefully our next post we will be able to show you more pictures.
For now it is just a post with a lot of info, we’re sorry for this and we hope we will have more stories to tell and more pictures to show next time!

Be blessed and thank you for reading our blog again!

Just a picture of us, to not leave you with just a big piece of text 🙂



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