God knows the plan

Hello to all of you dear readers! We appreciate that you take your time to read our updates every now and then, thank you for it!

To start we want to tell you that we were in The Netherlands for 5 days to do a presentation in our church “De Ark” about our missionary work and what we need as missionaries. Also, to present the new hand-made earrings of Rozanne (she is so talented!) that she started as a way to raise up our income using her talents. Alejandro also had the opportunity to preach in a church called Lighthouse Ministry in Cappelle aan den Ijssel. We are thankful for every opportunity God gives us.

At the same time, we got to see our family and it was lovely to meet our new cousin. We always have a nice time around family!

After our time in Holland we went to Costa Rica with Pastor Vincent and His wife Ruby Berhitu, with the original plan of bringing the kingdom of God and doing a seminary for leaders and youth of a church. But that did not go in the way that we have planned, let me tell you why:

After we arrive, we hold a family meeting with every member in order to get the chance to see them all (this because we were only there for 1 week) and it was a beautiful time of sharing and laughing.

The next day I called the church pastor where we were supposed to do the seminary to ask if everything was arranged for the next day, to what he answer me that it was cancelled because it wasn’t possible anymore to arrange it with the church members for different reasons. Something that honestly was hard to believe and bring some frustration to us. Our plan was gone in just 3 minutes of calling.

So, we prayed and asked God to take control. At the end we were there because of Him. Suddenly doors were open to do street evangelism in the capital city with Alejandro’s Church “Iglesia Oasis” and a ministry called “Mision Jesus”. We got the opportunity to share the gospel to so many people and that makes it worthy to travel all the way to the other side of the ocean.

We also did an open forum for the new youth leaders of Alejandro’s church. Where they prepare questions about our lives and about our work and how we do our work an what we need as missionaries. We also had the chance to share about our experience about discipleship and how it must be relational and seeing the people with the same value and love that God sees us and not just like a ‘program’. It was really encouraging to see the new generations standing up to follow God.

We still were able to preach Sunday at the church where we were supposed to do the seminary.

Still God made it able for us to bring the kingdom of God through the Holy Spirit in the lives of many people in Costa Rica.

We got the chance to meet amazing people looking for God’s will for their lives. What amazed us personally is that we have been praying to have more opportunities and connections with Alejandro’s church for a long time and now that was possible. -It’s special to be involve in a church which was my other home since I was 14 years old and that teached me a lot about God and lead me to an encounter with Him – Alejandro.

Sometimes we need to understand that even when God bring us to a place to do His plan that doesn’t mean that we got control over it. He is the only one who is always in control and the one who knows the real purpose of every trip and life. He is the one that answers the prayer in His time and will. He is Good.

We want to tell you that in 2 weeks we will move out of our apartment that have been our home for the last 2,5 years, to the YWAM Base located in the city center of Targu Mures in Romania. we are exited for what is coming for December and the new year that is coming.

We also want to ask you for 2 things. The most important one is to be praying for our marriage and the new changes in our lives. The second one for our finances, this because we need an extra €300 per month (USD$330 and Costa Rican ₵191,000mil) to be able to pay our rent, food, insurance, and more. So, we want to ask you to pray for this, and see if God will put in your heart to give to us. We will add the bank number at the end of this post.

We really do appreciate all what you have done for us, from praying to giving, you are a part of the work we are doing here in Romania. Without you we will be not possible to do our work. We are all together bringing the good news of God in one way or another.

We love you,

God bless you.

(Pictures below)

Bank accounts

Holland: NL53RABO0149409559 – R.T.Schuur

Costa Rica: BCR 1-1366987-7 Diego Alejandro Venegas Rojas o CR70015202001136698772


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