Exciting news

Hello friends and family,

It has been a long time since our last blog post and we want to apologize for that. But here we are again, with some exciting news for you.

Let’s start with telling you how the last few months have been for us. Due to the covid-virus, we were forced to stop all of the programs we were running. There have been even some months where we could not leave the house, not even for a walk, without a filled in form of the reason we would be on the street. But in that period, we have worked a lot on improving the house where we live in, together with our team.

Thankfully the government has eased the restrictions since a few months, and we have been able to go out more. The projects, such as the baby hospital and young moms’ home are still not open for us, to come and help. But with YWAM we have started an international church, the church services are completely in English and are attended by foreigners as well as locals. We are very excited that we could start with this church in a time as this. Every Sunday afternoon we come together for a church service, which once a month will just be about communion and fellowship. Every Wednesday evening, we have a woman- and man group, where we study the bible together, discuss about topics, do crafts, games, or just have fellowship. In the coming weeks the two of us are starting up a youth/young adults’ group. So, we are excited for these things to come.

For those of you who knew, we were planning on attending a Discipleship Training School (DTS) here in our base in the autumn months. This DTS unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the covid-virus. But we are very excited to be able to focus on the church and youth group in the coming months.

Here is a small encouragement that Alejandro wrote a few weeks ago:

The Valley of the dry bones and how God brought them back to life.
Sometimes in our lives we all have passed through times where we feel “dry” or even “dead” in our soul, mind, body or even spiritual.This can be for many different reasons such as depression, disappointment, debts, rejection, long waiting, etc. Many of us in some point of our lives have tried to satisfy this thirst and we haven’t found success. Many of us might be daily focusing in our needs or the blessings that God can give instead of God that’s the One who can give life to our dead bones. God knows your need even before you say it (I don’t mean that you shouldn’t pray for it but I mean that your eyes shouldn’t go off on Jesus and be focus on your need).
In one way or another we are all in pursue for that that makes us feel ALIVE!

If you are pursuing being Alive read this:

I will put my Spirit in you, and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I am the Lord. I have spoken, and I will do it. This is the declaration of the Lord.’”
Ezekiel 37:14 CSB

God is committed to bring you to life! I encourage you that if you feel dry, dying just call up to the name of the Lord and ask Him to give you and fill you up with His Spirit.
We may walk or talk but it is His Spirit that make us ALIVE!

Our last but most exciting news that we want to share with you is that we are expecting a little baby in February 2021. We are amazingly excited and tremendously grateful to God for this great miracle in our life. We want to ask you to keep this little baby and the mother in your prayers.

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