We want to begin by saying to all of you, THANK YOU! Through all this year, you’ve been praying and supporting and believing with us in the calling that God has placed in our lives.

It has been a year of new starts for us, we started the youth group and the international church in Romania together with our team. We are happy about what God is doing in the church and excited about what He will do.

This year 2020, God has blessed us with a baby girl on the way! We are so thankful for this miracle of life that we will meet in February 2021.

As many of you may know, we are now living in The Netherlands (Holland). We came for Rozanne to give birth to our baby and to be close to the family in this beautiful season.
Our plans were as well for Alejandro to find a job to save up money for next year’s season of becoming parents. This hasn’t been possible yet, because the government has taken several weeks to process the residence permit. Still, God has provided in amazing ways what we needed and even our baby has been already so bless. God has ALWAYS control even when in our eyes it doesn’t seem like it.

We will stay here for at least 5-6 months to make sure that the baby is doing good and for Rozanne’s back pain to get proper help (this in Romania we couldn’t find). It will also be a time for us to grow as a family and enjoy this period of becoming parents.

Alejandro will start to work part-time with Sjaloom Church in Heerhugowaard together with the youth pastor and the kid’s ministry with ideas, teachings, preaching, community work with youth at ‘The Gate’, etc.

We want to encourage you this coming year to believe in the goodness of God and to love the people around you. This year wasn’t what we expected it to be, but it teaches us that the things we use to take for granted: family, companionship, friendship, and love are still the most important things in this life, that God has given us.

The last we want to tell you is: we wish you blessings and health in this coming year in Jesus Christ our hope of life, a life so great and so beautiful, a life beyond this life.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and that the grace and favor of the Lord be with you all!

Alejandro & Rozanne

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